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April 21st, 2014, 03:50 PM
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miss_lyssa_ Even with a not so balanced diet if you drink enough water you will make milk. No need to pump at all. Just feed. The milk does change to all kinds of weird colors. This is normal. I am not a picture of health with my diet at all.

With my first I did pump a lot. I had to go back to work and wanted to build a supply and get the baby used to a bottle for when I was away.

BUT if you are going to be home you can skip the pumping. If you spend the time to pump you could just be feeding the baby. If you feed on demand AND pump this will give you a painful oversupply.

If you need to be away. Don't feel you need to pump loads of milk for the baby.

When I was gone at work my son got 4 oz every 4 hours from 4 months to 12 months. (He did nurse on demand though the night.)
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