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April 22nd, 2014, 02:43 AM
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Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I am a mom to beautiful 5 year old b/g twins. My husband and I recently found out we were pregnant, due in December. Due to some fear of having twins again I pushed for an early ultrasound. Our kids were conceived while we were on Clomid and the new pregnancy was all natural. We just had our ultrasound today, we thought 7 weeks but the ultrasound measures at 6 weeks, and found out we are having twins again. It appears that I ovulated from both ovaries on this one. I know it is super early in the pregnancy but I am, lack of better words, shocked and freaking a little. The first pregnancy wasn't easy: contractions started at 19 weeks, 3 trips to the hospital to stop labor and get steroid shots, bed rest at 24 weeks, developed early pre-eclampsia, platelets started to drop, delivered at 34 weeks, and spent 4 weeks in the nicu. I know it isn't a guarantee but I was hoping for a "normal" pregnancy with this one. Don't get me wrong i am excited, but a little overwhelmed with the news. My 5 years old kiddos are healthy, active, smart and a joy. i am very fortunate with all of my struggles that they are as perfect as they are. Twins do not run in our family so just surprised I am blessed with two sets. I would love to hear from moms of multiple multiples and hear that you have survived
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