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April 22nd, 2014, 07:17 AM
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I am pretty sure I finally felt kicking!!! All last night as I was laying in bed I kept feeling some really soft tapping and when I shifted just a little they turned into full on kicks. I tried to wake up DH to feel but by the time he got his hand to my tummy she had stopped. I am pretty excited though and I hope she keeps them coming!!

We started our Bradley method birthing classes last week and I am really enjoying them. It is nice to feel like I am doing something especially since I cant really buy anything or decorate until we move in a month. I really love all the daily exercises they have taught us so far and feel like they are already preparing me more.

I am still not showing all that much - especially in the mornings. Once i have eaten I get a round belly but that feels a little like cheating. People are noticing now though so that is something

Other than that my symptoms have been pretty normal - I have BH at random but most of my other symptoms are pretty mild. My next appointment is next Monday and is just a general check up but I am excited to hear baby girl's heartbeat

Cautiously expecting Seamonkey #2 Due Oct 4th

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