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April 22nd, 2014, 01:59 PM
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Each pregnancy is different. And I may be the odd person out here, but with my last miscarriage I had symptoms until days after my D&C because the hormones were still there. So (for me, again odd person out maybe) symptoms never made me feel relieved. But with DS I had 1 day of morning sickness (yep the whole pregnancy) before I even knew I was pregnant, so very early on. With DD1 I didn't get symptoms until probably about 11 weeks. This time around I got them very early on and they lasted most of the pregnancy. And each time they went away I still thought 'oh I don't feel pregnant anymore', but then we'd have an u/s or I'd pull out the doppler and there she would be So don't put to much stock into symptoms. Some people may never get them (there has to be a reason there is a whole show about people who never knew they were pregnant).

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