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April 22nd, 2014, 05:46 PM
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Omg, ladies, it's a !!!

I can't believe it because I am pms'ing times 100 and last time I was pg, I had zero pms symptoms. That just goes to show how pgy symptoms can differ drastically from one to the next! Omg, I'm so excited but nervous as heck! I took a walmart cheapie too & there is a faint pink line but I can't seem to get a good angle on the camera so I said the heck with it! I have a couple frer's I'm going to wait and take in a day or so, since osom's are very sensitive, I'd rather wait a couple days for the frer's. Please send me all the sticky dust you can!!! Ahhh!!! Erika, my due date would be Jan. 3rd!

Thank you ladies for the support! You girls are awesome!!


2/10/14 @ 6w3d
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