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April 23rd, 2014, 09:37 AM
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Originally Posted by michelleH View Post
Some information on soy formula.
Soy Infant Formula: A Formula For Disaster | Food Renegade

Again, YES, some people don't have a choice on whether to use formula or not. However, you do have a choice on what's in the formula that you do use. If formula is unavoidable for your baby, make sure that you know the potential risks of what's in the formula and make an informed decision.

On a personal note, out of three children, I am the only one who had formula as a baby because I had "failure to thrive" on breast milk alone. My two sisters get pregnant if you look at them cross eyed, it took me many months of trying.
That article is very interesting.

I was the one baby among my siblings that had problems with BFing too, so I was fed formula. And, look at that, I'm the one who had the most difficulty getting pregnant. My other sisters had much better luck and my brother has two babies that took little time to conceive as well.

I completely understand that not everyone CAN BF, but totally agree you have to look at your other options and not just settle for what is commercially "normal" to feed. What is on the shelf may not be contributing to your babys health. Again, go back to science and what we are MEANT to be consuming. Not everything on the shelf is there for our well-being.

The one thing I hear formula feeders complain about a lot is the cost. Do you really think that Gerber cares about what is being put into your baby? I doubt it. They see dollar signs.
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