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April 23rd, 2014, 01:15 PM
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How far along are you?7w4d

When is your next dr's appointment, what's it for?
Tuesday April 29. Its my OB New Patient appointment. Basically doing a lot of paperwork which transitions me from a regular GYN patient to an OB patient. I think I will also get a lot of information about all of the optional scans and what testing will be done and when...

How are you feeling?
Like POO.. This "morning" sickness is getting the best of me. I am completely drained today between that and *TMI* diarrhea. (SORRY ) It is not a fun game. I actually left work early today to come home and rest.

Do you know the gender yet?
Nope. Have awhile yet for that! Am considering opting for the MaterniT21 test if I can which will tell me gender earlier.

Any names picked out?
BOYS: Levi Michael or Lucas Michael so far. I think its a boy, by the way. No reason, just do

GIRLS: I am set on middle name being grace. No agreements on first name yet.

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