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April 23rd, 2014, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Erin80 View Post
Lola - I started cutting minutes off each of my pumps. When I dropped from 3-2, I cut minutes off the middle of the day pump until I was only doing maybe 5 min, and then dropped it completely. I didn't bother dropping from 2-1, I just weaned doing 2 pumps per day......I cut minutes off every other day. One day I just went as long as I could without pumping, and then just ended up pumping for comfort when I needed to. Even though I did it slow, I found the actual drying up part to be a little uncomfortable. I hadn't pumped for a week, so I thought I was done, but I suddenly woke up one morning with a clog in one breast that I had to massage like crazy in a hot shower. The next day, I had a clog in the other breast. I didn't pump at that point since it had been a week, but I did lots of massaging. After that, my boobs shrunk down to their normal pre-breast feeding size (so sad!) and that was the end.

If this post makes no sense it's because my 3 year old has been just constantly talking in my ear since I started typing......VERY hard to listen, think and type all at once!
Hahahaha! I am reading this here at work and it made me laugh out loud! All of that made total sense and I appreciate it! One last question...If you stop pumping but still nurse in the morning and at bedtime, do you think there will still be milk for him or do you think it will dry up completely?

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