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April 23rd, 2014, 03:25 PM
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How far along are you? When is your next dr's appointment, what's it for? 36 weeks! Next appointments are on April 30- in the morning I have a growth ultrasound and then in the afternoon I have my regular checkup. I've been measuring consistently 2 weeks ahead throughout this whole pregnancy (by fundal height), and OB apparently wants to see how large baby is. My last u/s was at 20 weeks, and they usually don't do any more unless something comes up. I'm excited to see baby again- I had u/s at the RE EVERY WEEK from 4-12, then every other week from 12-20. I know she was measuring somewhat larger than normal at the 20w u/s, but don't know how much.
How are you feeling? I'm okay. Surprisingly not too tired- well, not sleep-tired, just physically I get worn out. My goal is to have everything ready, down to the nursery stocked, hospital bag packed, random household and life chores done- by the end of this week. Then I can just ride out the next few weeks.

Do you know the gender yet? Yes- baby girl! I had the Panorama test (basically same as M21) at 11 weeks.

Any names picked out? We have a "short list" of about 5 names, and have stalled out there. I think we'll just figure it out when we meet her.
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