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April 24th, 2014, 08:05 AM
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when it comes to baby, being the third time around, i feel like i have a pretty good grasp on what i have to do versus what can wait until after he is born. i have his crib set up, but i haven't bought any bedding for it yet and am really not in a rush to because Karson will be sleeping in his bassinet for the first few months. i've also taken things and stretched them out by week, completed one or two tasts at a time.

what i NEED to do: wash clothes, buy & pack a diaper bag, pack a hospital bag, get & stay as up-to-date on laundry as possible (because i know i won't want to do it within the first week home), pull out and clean up bassinet, rocking sleeper, changing table, etc

what i will get around to eventually: buy & wash crib bedding, wash bottles and breast pump equiptment (i won't be using it for the first few weeks anyway) & pacifiers, pre-cook & freeze some meals, pick godparents.

try not to get too stressed over the little stuff, not everything has to be done and ready for babies arrival. i did that with my first one, had everything done by week 37, convinced he was coming early. i spent the next three weeks bored out of my mind just waiting for him.
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