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April 24th, 2014, 01:19 PM
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I couldnt agree more with all of you! As long as you have:
1) A way to transpot baby
2) A place for baby to sleep
3) Milk/feeding supplies- whether you are nursing or bottle feeding
4)Diapers, wipes, towels, and wash clothes
5) A few outfits, and swaddling blankets or regular blankets (probably wont need a ton anyways since its summer... pacifiers and maybe a place to put her down ( like a boppy on the floor or one of those little floor- bouncer/rocker thingys) Thats really all you will need.

Things like crib matteress's and bedding, toys, more clothes, bath supplies (like baby tubs or bath chairs), all of that other stuff can wait. Even the little plastic changers. As long as you have a towel or blanket, you are good to go.
And its so true about having too much. I got so many things, with Ryan that I literally did not even use. And for Luke, omg we got him all these cute clothes and guess what? He had hip displaysia... didnt find out until after he was born. I had him on a saturday and he was in a harness on monday. Couldnt wear pants, only a shirt and diaper, and the shirt was basically covered by the harness, it was only there so the harness straps wouldnt rub. The baby bath supplies... forget it. I could only give him a bath once a week at the drs office, and couldnt even change his shirt (although I did once because his diaper exploded up wards and hed gotten #2 all OVER his shirt and harness so i washed both and they went right back on him once they were clean. Brian and I had to double diaper him and keep his hips positioned a certain way... ) And I had to return all of his cute clothes! Although I did keep one outfit, and im using that one for Zack!

I meant transPORT not transpot- gosh it sounds like I was talking about re-potting the baby or something LOL

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