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April 25th, 2014, 03:58 AM
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I'm approx 9 dpo today. I had much more "symptoms" two days ago than I've been noticing yesterday and today. I still have mild cramps but they are not throughout the day, much more just in the evenings when I'm ready to go to bed. But yesterday I did notice a pain in my right pelvic area that went through my right side to my lower back... probably meant nothing though.

Today I have had sharp stings in my left pelvic area but other than that - nothing!

Tested yesterday (couldn't let it go since the test was in my home and "waiting" for me! Was negative of course). Now I have no tests in my apartment so I believe I can wait to test again until monday

Since I have basically no symptoms now (except for mild cramps and stings, ocassionally!) I don't really think this is my cycle. Now I'm just waiting for AF so I can now how long my cycles are off the pill - hoping it's 28-30 days like before.
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