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April 25th, 2014, 07:32 AM
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My first one was planned because my daughter was breech. It was GREAT. I was sick with worry. The anesthesiologist told me he had it easier taking his med school exams than answering my questions I was rolled in to the OR at 11am and my daughter was born at 11:29. 4 hours later I was walking the halls and begging the nurces to go home (we have a policy of 4 days in the hospital). I felt great, didn't take anything beyond extra strength tylenol and advil. Of course i was uncomfortable but it was much better than what I anticipated.

Honestly compared to an unplanned csection with 22 hours of labour I felt great after the planned one. It took a good 2 weeks to be able to straighten my back completely but at 4 weeks I was dancing away at a sister in law's wedding

Absolutely get up and moving as soon as the nurses allow you. Its not pleasant but it will make the world of difference in your recovery. The sooner you will get up the less swelling there will be and the recovery will be easier.
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