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April 26th, 2014, 01:37 PM
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Hey Ladies!

I am needing some help/insight. Here is my chart....

(nvm, it isnt letting me post until I have 10 posts?)
so I will give the rundown.

cd11 - creamy cm, cramping
cd12 - ewcm, cramping
cd13 - ewcm, cramping
cd14 - ewcm, cramping
cd15 - ewcm, cramping, spotting * i was convinced this was the day I ovulated*
cd16 - no temp rise, no cm
cd 17 - still no temp rise, no cm

Anyways, I had some of the most prominent ovulation signs that I have had yet. lots of ewcm (usually dont get very much) and bad pain in my ovaries (both, but mainly right) and had what I would guess is ovulation spotting on cd15. I was convinced cd15 was my ovulation day, but woke up the next day (and today) with no temp rise and my cm is all dried up. I know all of those previous signs are secondary and don't fully indicate ovulation. I think my temp pretty faithfully rises the day after ovulation, so do you think I am just not going to ovulate, no egg was released? Or do you think it could be a case of the temp taking a few days to rise? ( i read this could maybe happen??) I know I will just need to wait, I just have no idea why this happened! As far as I know I haven't previously had the false alarm secondary signs with no ovulation, and I think my temp pretty faithfully rises the day after. I have been on vitex this cycle due to ovulation happening later the past few months & wanting to regulate) I have taken some maca weeks ago but was nowhere near a full dose each time. i have also never used opk's, but am tempted to go grab some and see if they are positive/negative.

Any insight/sharing similar experiences is appreciated!!
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