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April 26th, 2014, 08:09 PM
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It's all very weird. On April 2, I had a VERY long, heavy period and temps dropped to pre-O temps. Flow lasted 8 days. On April 9, I started taking ovulation tests and they were positive starting then and for 8 days after. I thought something was wrong so I took a pregnancy test. Positive. But I had JUST had that period starting 14 days before which I was still spotting from (actually I spotted until after the period ended until this one started). First beta draw was on 4/16 and was 359. Second beta was on 4/18 and was 129. My pregnancy tests never really got darker. They all stayed about the same until I got that one random dark one which was after the beta draw so I know my numbers were dropping. I think the test just had more dye or something. Since that day, they have faded to negative. Per FF, I O'ed this cycle on 4/13 and I started my AF on 4/24, right on time... This AF was painful at first and heavy but now is quite normal and actually almost gone after only 3 days.

Sooooo, I don't really know if I miscarried on 4/2 or on 4/24 but either way, I did. It sucks not knowing. I'm pretty much a medical mystery. Because I never missed a period and they all came right on time, I have no idea how far along I was or when I miscarried. Had it not been for the positive ovulation tests being dark for so long, I'd have never tested and never even known I was pregnant.

Part of me thinks I miscarried on 4/2 because that period was so long, heavy and just weird as far as consitancy. But the other part thinks I lost the baby around the time they drew the betas because I don't know how I would still have positive tests for that long after. And they've also told me it is possible that it was twins and I miscarried one on 4/2 (the reason for the "period") and the other on 4/24 (the reason for the tests staying positive and the second "period") Truth is, I'll never know. I wasn't far enough along for an ultrasound and they are really guessing. All they know is I was pregnant and now I am not.

Last Sunday was a hard day. It really hit me what happened and I had a hard time functioning. Since then, I've accepted it. I'm still sad. I still miss my baby. I still wish I was pregnant, but there isn't anything I can do to change it. I'm trying to find the positive in all this. #1. I DID get pregnant on my own. And I can do it again. #2. I didn't have to have a D&C. I know a lot of people who have had them and said they weren't bad but I was scared. #3. No one should ever have a miscarriage. They suck. But if it had to happen, I am glad I was early. I think it would have been much harder the further a long that I got.

Anyway, sorry for the novel. And thank you for the support. As we begin to try again, I will try and be more active on the board. I was really active here when we were trying to conceive my son and I made some great friends here. I hope to make some more.

Oh, I also got another beta draw on Thursday but don't know the results yet (their office was closed Friday so I imagine they will call Monday). My pregnancy test was negative on Thursday so I imagine it is nearing 0.

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