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April 27th, 2014, 04:23 AM
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I just found out today via home pregnancy test that i am pregnant and I have an iud in place. Its one of the 10 year ones, copper i believe. And well everywhere i read its talking about miscarriages if i have it removed, but since its not one that releases hormones would it be better to leave it in? I know these are questions to ask my Dr. but I am freaking out now and it will be a couple weeks before i can get into the dr.s. I have had too much loss in my life lately to even imagine losing the baby. Even though this wasn't planned, it seems to have happened at the most perfect time. I guess it is Gods plan. I just wish I could calm myself down and just accept that its pretty much out of my hands. However I could use some good news on this subject or any advise of what to do in the meantime until i get to the dr.s. Thanks so much.
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