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April 27th, 2014, 03:36 PM
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Well, my oldest sister let the family know that she is expecting again. Her littlest one just turned one last month. I'm happy for her, but I also cried for myself. She got pregnant with her little one just a couple months before we started trying... and now she's pregnant AGAIN and we're STILL trying... Sigh. Sometimes life isn't fair. Forgive me for whining, but I am SO ready to just get pregnant already!

As for me, I had thought I O'd on 4/23, which was CD13 and a little early for me, but I had a temp rise the day after. However, I have been sick, and I expect that it was actually a fever that caused my temp to rise. I didn't manage to take my temp the next two mornings, due to stuff going on, so I didn't really know what was going on. BUT I had some EWCM yesterday, which was CD16 and a much more normal O time for me. We went ahead and DTD pretty much as soon as I noticed the cm. Temp was up this morning, high enough that I feel pretty confident that O did occur. I will see what tomorrow's temp is to confirm for sure though. Now it's just waiting! I will plan on getting our labs done on Friday, CD 22. DH is getting a SA done--yay! He did NOT want to do this lol, so I'm glad the doctor convinced him that it needed to be done. Hoping for some answers soon. (I believe this is our 20th cycle TTC.)
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