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April 27th, 2014, 09:36 PM
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I didn't have that much soreness 3 weeks later. Actually we DTD at 4 weeks out, I believe. So I was pretty well healed up. But I didn't have a lot of tearing this time around, either. If you had extensive tearing then I can imagine it taking a longer time to heal. Everyone is different, too, and your body may be a bit depleted thanks to supporting the baby for 9 months (and beyond!).
My suggestion would be to do sitz baths with healing herbs. Here's a link to one that I haven't tried personally but I like the company's products. Postpartum Recovery Bath Herbs - reduce swelling and speed postpartum healing
If you don't have the thingy to do sitz baths (little plastic insert that goes over your toilet), you can toss the herbs in your bathtub and soak that way. I would definitely recommend it, though. I used herbs that the hospital gave me in sitz baths after my first, and recovery really went well. I had a deep 2nd/almost 3rd degree tear, and it healed well and I wasn't too sore after birth. I was surprised...I expected to not be able to sit down for a week or two. But it wasn't like that at all. I had to sit gingerly, of course, right at first, but it seems like it went well. With Kody, my second, I used a healing ointment:
All Natural Healing Cream
It also went well and I recovered fairly quickly. Medicinal herbs can really help speed healing and support your body in recovery.
Also, something I wanted to get but didn't end up doing is called "New Mama Bottom Spray", and it helps with the soreness and helps keep the area clean and free from infection.
New Mama Bottom Spray - Eases discomfort of postpartum soreness, swelling, episiotomies and hemorrhoids

Just some ideas! I'm sorry you're so sore still! But I think it's understandable.

Also, about the appearance...I was too scared to even look at myself in the mirror after my first (I expected it to look like a war zone down there!). I think I didn't look till after 6 weeks was up. This time around I looked sooner and yeah, it looked pretty bad at first, but things are more or less back to normal now. Swelling all by itself can really distort how the skin looks. I wouldn't worry too much about the appearance until after the swelling goes down and healing is well on its way. Chances are it will never look exactly the same, especially if there was a lot of tearing. But it will probably look a lot better than it does right now.

PS, if you get the herbal cream, I would apply it several times a day (or as often as you can remember to). If you do the sitz bath/herbal bath routine, then I would do them once a day until you are feeling better. Also if you take extra vitamin C that will help give your body a boost on healing too.

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