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April 29th, 2014, 04:01 PM
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I paid for all of my kids phones, but originally they only had texting, no phone calls and it was because their after school activities never ended when they were supposed to and nothing pissed me off more then having to sit around and wait for them. Then we went to boost/AT&T prepaid, with upgraded phones once they were about 16. I still pay for Megans as she's in school and the others pay for their own. Megan has a windows phone, Lupan went iphone for him and his girlfriend on a contract, and Sam wouldn't take an iphone if I bought it for her and paid the bill. She prefers android based phones, which I did just buy her a new phone and it has almost everything my iphone has, but a heck of a lot cheaper price. I am an iphone girl. period. My phone is my only luxury, the husband also has an iphone. I have a major phone bill at the end of the month lol

MIL hope the doc can get you on the right track.
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