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April 29th, 2014, 08:49 PM
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The issues is that they really have no idea how much alcohol is safe because all studies have been mostly guesses. They don't want to cause FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) to find out. But it is true- they have no idea how much is too much or how little is safe.
They speculate that small amounts are fine (small amt is debated depending on where you read) and that it shouldn't cause an issue unless there are underlying issues with mother that makes baby more susceptible.

I really think eventually there will be answers and a safe amount BUT The only way to be 100% sure your baby will not end up with FAS is not to drink at all- that's the only point that isn't debatable.

For me, I don't drink so it's moot

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Yikes, well now I'm terrified I screwed up my child...
I am sure it is fine!!!
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