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April 29th, 2014, 11:58 PM
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I keep reading this, but it's rather intimidating to hop right in...

Phones: My second grader wants a phone, because his friends all have smartphones. Already. Umm, no. That's ridiculous imo. When they're older, we'll probably get them a me-go (or whatever is around by then), with the ability to call 3 preset numbers, and that's it. When I got my first phone, I was 16 or 17, and it had 10 minutes or something a month included in the plan. It was for emergencies only (my truck liked breaking down a lot, lol).

I am: Nervous about my checkup tomorrow. Obviously hoping for a bfp, but always expecting bad news. My pap last year showed abnormalities, but they wanted to wait to see this year if it had changed. Also expecting to hear I won't be able to get pregnant until things go back to normal with AF (haven't had one in over a year, bfing, was on mini pill, and stressed... not sure which is the factor).

Also getting more and more stressed, angry, and depressed about our forced move next month. We're in a small community/neighborhood in the country, with a big yard, wild animals, peace, etc, and our only option at the moment is an apartment, in the city. I don't do cities, or apartments. Anxiety is through the roof. Most of our stuff will have to go to storage. Packing when you WANT to move is hard enough, when you don't want to... let's just say, it involves being overwhelmed, and a lot of tears.

And random question. I set an avatar pic, but don't see it. Does everyone else see it, and you're just not able to see your own, or did it not work?
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