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April 30th, 2014, 09:28 AM
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No bad weather except tons of snow! I will take our rain, thanks. A fb friend grew up in Pensacola and keeps posting picks from her friends and mo. It is truly astounding the amount of water in there. The bridge I crossed on I 10 was under water, the road I was on to get yo I 10 from the school is collapsed, looks like a more than 20 feet drop. The big, super huge fancy baptist church on the main road has water 2-3 inches deep in the sanctuary! I hope Mother Nature gets this all out of her system before August.

Is pin worms where they come out the butt? Or get it in the skin from walking through yuck? I had one kid get this worm in his foot 8 years ago or so. I had to get a special cream for it. No big deal, but the pictures in the medical book my doc showed me was really creepy.
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