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May 29th, 2005, 05:23 AM
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I had a D&C and I am glad I did.....I've heard of some horrible experiences with women passing it through naturally. I could not bare to have to pass it through for weeks of bleeding.

I went to Dr. office for u/s.....there was no heartbeat at 10 weeks, baby stopped growing at almost 9 weeks. My dr. immediately admitted me to hospital........they knocked me out....had
D&C....woke up with no cramping whatsoever and very very light bleeding for 6 - 7 was as if I were having an extremely light, for me.....I am glad I had the procedure. I got my 1st AF 4 weeks after D&C.......had a normal af with no problems.

My SIL's Dr. made her pass it through.......he made her wait a week to pass it through, after the week she did not pass it and he gave her meds to start labor contractions (she was at 12 weeks). Well, let me tell you.........she was in crucial was like going through labor but with no baby at the outcome......she bled and bled and was a horrible experience for her. Her Dr. was a jerk and she has dropped him after that.........This happened last Aug. to her and she still has not had a normal AF.

So, I was relieved to have d&c.........
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