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April 30th, 2014, 05:44 PM
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Long story short, about the move. My MIL passed away in the end of 2011, and we decided to take over her mortgage/house. Everything was left to DH, so we went through the paperwork with the bank. Got to the end of it, and they cancelled on us because they decided we had to do probate (when previously they said we didn't). Grandfather in law is the executor, and he REFUSED to do the probate. We just kept paying the payments for the next year, but they'd never discuss the account since it wasn't ours. Then they raised the payments without telling us, so we found out way later that we'd been making incomplete payments, so we paid a bunch of extra to catch up with our taxes last year, then in Sept '13 they refused to take our payments, and said they were foreclosing. Grandfather in law still refused to do the probate, or pass the executor powers off to us so we could do it. If we had money for a lawyer, we'd have taken him to court. I finally figured out all the paperwork on my own, and we made him turn it in (STILL fighting the whole way, even though he had no lawyer fees to pay, he wouldn't sign them for almost a month). So probate filed in nov, but foreclosure final in feb... we ended up getting contacted by a "govt foreclosure agency" the bank said work with them... ended up being a scam, and we ended up losing $, and the house foreclosed anyway.

That being said, I hadn't spoken to, or seen the inlaws in over 3 months... and his grandma showed up unannounced last night, all pissed off at me for not talking to them. Told me it was water under the bridge and to get over it. Excuse me? It was your responsibility to take care of the legal crap, and you refused. It's your fault we are "homeless", I'm not about to be friendly.

But, tomorrow we are going to look at a couple houses in a small community further in the country, the one we REALLY want has an acre of land, a huge shop, and plenty of possibilities. So, we could use any prayers, crossed fingers, good thoughts that we can make this work out!

Oh, and....
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