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May 1st, 2014, 12:23 PM
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Name: (If you share on the board) Holly

Due Date or Surgery Date: July 27

Number of Kids Currently/FTM: Im pretty sure ive got 5 somedays and 6 others (anyone with a SO can relate)

What are you looking forward to in the upcoming month, pregnancy wise?
Discussing birthing options and doing bi weekly visits it means im getting close!

What is your biggest pregnancy complaint thus far?
The ability or lack there of of my movement and ambition. Pains owwie

What is your biggest pregnancy joy so far?Feeling baby move and knowing hes ok does me goodl

What was your favorite childhood television show?Punky Bruster and and under the umbrella tree

Baby Girl Due July 6
Water broke @ 12 weeks AFI .8cm dangerously low
15 weeks AFI 1.49, 19 weeks AFI 5.46
2 shots of celestone at 24 weeks
25 week slight spotting variable AFI levels
next major goal is 28 weeks (2 weeks 5 days to go)
Nikolai 1 1/2 years
Guinevere 3 years
Trinity 5 years
Aric 10 years
Kendall 14 years

Holly Benjamin

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