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May 2nd, 2014, 05:55 AM
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Originally Posted by isaroo View Post
The garage counts!! lol The general principle behind OPKs is that you get a peak surge of the luteinizing hormone (which gives you the positive opk) and then you ovulate 12-36 hours after the peak. So, you got a positive opk, and then got the crosshairs the next morning on FF, right on time.

Fingers crossed!!
I wish lol. That would take away the confusion. I didn't use them this cycle. I think that was March that I was referring to. The only way ill know for sure is to see how long my lp is and then adjust FF. I tried changing the settings to FAM and it gives me the day I thought I Oed (cd17) as opposed to what it is now (cd15). It really sucks bc id much rather be 4dpo that 2 lol! But if that is the case, the garage encounter was about 12 hours or so before O. Woohoo! How close are you to O?

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