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May 5th, 2014, 07:04 PM
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My lab results are in! Have to wait another day or two for DH's though.
Progesterone: 21.66
Prolactin: 20.4
TSH: 1.409

Overall, everything normal. I'll admit I was bummed because I wanted something to be abnormal so that we would have an easy fix! I'm hoping for DH to have a normal SA because I'm not sure what we would do to correct anything there..... I know he's anxious to see those results. He dragged his feet for so long to get this done, and I think the reason was because he felt insecure. He didn't want to be the problem.

Anyway, in other news, my one pregnant sister is having a bunch of issues with blood pressure and elevated liver enzymes, so her doctor has decided to induce her tomorrow. They're worried about preeclampsia. She was due at the end of May, so my mom is super unhappy because she won't make it to the birth (mom's in Ohio, sister is in Oregon).

My other pregnant sister was having some concerns, she was afraid she'd lost the baby due to some test results and such (I don't know all the details), but last I heard she was finally having good early pregnancy symptoms, so hopefully all is well there.
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