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May 5th, 2014, 08:08 PM
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My BIL works in physical therapy and he gave us this huge speech about hard-soled shoes and how they can cause leg & feet malformations, postural problems, etc... It's weird because he's usually a pretty laid-back guy but this is a topic he seems to be super passionate about. Anyway, DH actually has problems with his leg/spinal curvature (not anything too severe but enough that he was medically exempt from mandatory military service in his home country), so he takes it pretty seriously.

Right now, Marcos is barefoot in the house although once in a while if he wears a pair of socks that don't have a grip underneath, I'll put on some soft-soled shoes so that he doesn't slip when he pulls himself against the furniture. Once he starts walking, I'll probably get him a pair of hard-soled shoes to wear outside, and the rest of his indoor shoes will be soft-soled and/or slippers.
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