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May 6th, 2014, 10:31 AM
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I don't feel good at all today. We went out to our normal monday place but I had pizza instead, and I had a summer shandy, and the acid totally ate my stomach to pieces last night.

DH and the people we were with did that cold water challenge, and DH nominated our friends (you remember the one who is always miserable, and now uses the baby for every excuse under the sun...) she made a big deal out of it saying she's sorry she doesn't "drink the kool-aid" and that she has better things to do than donate money too, like her own kids and groceries. I'll remember that when her kid gets cancer and I have no compassion. I have my own **** to do you know.. DH un-friended her on fb because of it. I'm not sure she even noticed.

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