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May 6th, 2014, 10:47 AM
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Yeah, it's such a huge weight off your shoulders to have it all ready to go. We were going to pull stuff out of storage this week and get it organized, but things went a little awry. DS got really sick with some virus, had a seizure (you have never known true fear until you have been a parent, that's all I will say about that), then croup, then a respiratory infection/bronchitis, then he was screaming all day sunday so we took him to the ER again. I'm surprised I didn't go into early labor things have been so stressful.

BUT, this little baby has been so chill through it all. Just dancing and bumping around in there. I feel like he moved down this week--yesterday I could SWEAR he was sitting on my cervix. And oh yeah, his head is on my bladder all the time! Either of you ladies notice your bellies getting low yet?
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