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May 6th, 2014, 06:26 PM
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So grandpa visited Owen at school today. There's only two weeks left, so we're just letting the school visit thing slide. They did talk about BM, but Owen says he's the one that asked about her, he wanted to know if she was in rehab yet because he wants to go to her apartment to see his cat once she's in.

Grandpa said the following:

"No she isn't in rehab yet. She got called to go in on Friday, but she didnt go. I asked her why not and she said she was sick, but I don't believe her."

"Now she has to re-start the waiting list." (It took 8 weeks for her to be called the first time.)

"Her friend that she started nursing school with is already a nurse now. Your mom could have been a nurse by now if she wasn't drinking and doing drugs."

So DH texted BM and said, "Word is that you could have gone in on Friday but chose not to. Care to elaborate? Cuz it's really just looking like you don't care anymore."

Hoping that will entice her to reply and we can get something out of her.

We have court Monday, and I'm really hoping that we just get a resolution. If she doesn't show up, hopefully he just keeps things as is, because she hasn't made any effort to get better. And if she does show up, hopefully she gets her *** handed to her.

When will this be over?
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