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May 6th, 2014, 08:02 PM
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Well she left Eric a crazy hysterical sobbing voicemail. She was saying that even if she did go in on Friday, they would have turned her away because she found out on Thursday that she now has thyroid problems. She actually had the you know whats to say "I tried to tell them and for some reason they just dont believe me." wonder why people no longer believe her?! So she was sobbing saying her parents are lying and that she cares so much about Owen.

Then we got this text from her:
" I cannot believe they would do that. It is truly unbelievable. I care so much about Owen. Please call me to talk. No arguing, no drama. I am on ur side. Apparently it is my parents who r against me, so much so that they would violate judges rule as well as LIE to u guys. They refused to call Elba house to validate what I told them so they could save face. I'm seriously in shock"

Then about 5 minutes ago we get this:

" Now my mom is asking if they should call u and tell that he didn't know they wouldn't take me. Either my mom failed to inform my dad of this vital piece of info, or they are both liars."

We're not even replying, because she's likely just stuck in her own, meth induced reality. She actually had the nerve to say she was on OUR side! That's just laughable.
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