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May 6th, 2014, 08:59 PM
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Ive heard of baking soda for teeth but what does it do for your face?

Glad things worked out for the graduation tonight.

MIL just wondering how the glow in the dark rocks that you painted for light worked out?

Sheesh I am loving the berry season right now...We love fresh berries! eating them for breakfast lunch and dinner and snacks.lool

good luck iwth your appt UM<

So Dh bought a 2012 toyota prius hybrid car. It has 3900 miles on it and is 4 doors. I drove it today with 3 of my kids and that is WEIRD!!
So strange being that low to ground and so small..I loved parking though. The car litterally shuts off when you stop. Cant wait till DH installs the rear camera for backing up but its going to take time to get used to that! lool...just glad we are back to having the 2nd car.

DFK I couldnt imagine being couped up in an appt either but there are some 4 bedroom appts townhouse that have 2 floors so your not so crammed into a tight place?? I really hope the house go through for you!!

Missed the The Little Couple on TLC tonight..I love that couple. They are so sweet and the love they have of being 'parents' just ooozes through the television. Great family.
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