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May 7th, 2014, 08:48 AM
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It's probably a good thing we don't have access to pizza delivery where I live. I could eat it everyday and be a happy camper. I'm also a little weird cause I like the cheap ones like Little Caesars. We get it at least twice a month, every payday, since it's right next door to where I shop.

MIL glad the face is getting better, even if it is slowly.

DFK good luck. House out here can be found for pretty cheap. The older ones run for reasonable prices, the newer ones are probably comparable to most other places. My DD has a 3 bedroom for $600 and a nice sized yard, and that includes the extra pet fee.

Megan did my nails, I haven't had fake ones since I was in my 20's, it's taking some getting used to lol
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