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May 7th, 2014, 10:51 AM
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beth: quit trying so hard. we love you here...i know that probably doesn't help but i am a similar type as you. i give and give and yet i feel like its all my responsibility for the friendship.

Half Dozen: what did the dr give you for a diagnosis on your face? i so wish i could remember what mine told me. and you are right, it was getting better then yesterday i got several icky spots.

as for nails -- i got them in 1991 and i have never stopped wearing them. they are my one personal luxury. i don't count haircuts as a luxury, btw, they are a necessity! i feel ugly without nails; not that nails make me feel pretty by any means but at least i feel like a woman when i have nice nails.

UM - so will we be learning the gender of this baby soon?

mari - how many weeks are you, girl?

oh and about pizza. i love it, especially the fat crust on the edge. BUT its usually not gluten free so i rarely eat it. but i want it a lot.

waiting for the maintenance guy, pedro, to get here. he is supposed to be giving us a new bedroom door and re-painting several walls downstairs. then, i have to meet my recently widowed friend and help her get a new cell phone. should be 'fun'.
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