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May 7th, 2014, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Wisey View Post
Sounds like an addict. Everyone else makes the mistakes. She will be making excuses until she hits rock bottom and gets help!

Chin up! You guys are doing everything right!
Thanks. Unfortunately, it seems like the only way she will get help now is by court ordered rehab. I hope we're at that point.

Originally Posted by My2miracles View Post
Hang in there! So sad for Owen. So glad he has you & Eric. Also, sounds like her parents might be finally seeing the light.
I think they are. The fact that she said shes been trying to tell them since Friday means she's not staying with them. Sounds like her mom did tell her dad about the thyroid thing because he did say "She said she's sick." Sounds like nobody believes her anymore. Her illnesses always happen at the most convenient times for her.

Originally Posted by AtomicMama View Post
Oh no!! I'm so sorry. Ugh!! What a huge mess. Am I missing something, but why would they turn her away for thyroid problems? Just curious. I mean, if you have to be 100% healthy for 90 straight days, I can't imagine many people would ever be able to successfully complete rehab. Did these thyroid problems just pop up out of nowhere? I mean, typically, when you are diagnosed with thyroid issues, it's not like a cold that comes up all of a sudden.

Honestly? It sounds to me like she is just looking for a reason to skip out on rehab. Like you've said before, in her mind, SAYING she needs to go/getting on the waiting list, that's as good as going. It seems like she thinks she can just say the word "rehab" and the judge will fawn over her trying to get better and give her Owen back.

I'm really thinking of you all today! I hope that it goes so well and everything goes smoothly in your favor. I do hope she shows up and that the judge wakes her up. She needs to see that SHE is doing this to herself.

While I don't necessarily think it was her dad's place to tell all that to Owen, I'm glad that he is realizing how she is screwing up. Like he said, she could be done with nursing school, working, caring for Owen. But she didn't, and she isn't. Even if her mom is still blinded by her stories, at least one of her parents realizes she has messed up big time.

I have mixed feelings about the visit too. I'm so glad he's hearing the truth from his grandpa. It will help show Owen that it's not just us overreacting. She's clearly on her way to rock bottom, and she needs to hit it.

I wonder if her dad will be paying her rent, now that she's not going to rehab.

Also- we got a letter from Owen's school. He's been approved for free lunch based on his approval for food stamps. WE are not on food stamps. I guess we know how she's buying groceries now. Sad that you have to lie to the government and pretend like you still have your kid.

If anyone is interested, this is the level of crazy we deal with. (I'll probably delete this link in a day or so. I just want you guys to actually HEAR what we have to deal with.)

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Sounds like a meth induced alternate reality.

Luckily, we are once again going on vacation tomorrow. Going with Eric's whole family to Vegas until Sunday. And then we have court Monday. Once again, I'm going to forget she exists while we're away. I just wonder what's going to happen come Mothers Day...
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