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May 7th, 2014, 02:40 PM
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How much does it cost for nails by you? It's $40 for the gel, 35 for a fill. The gel is pink/white the other ones are just clear then they spray on the white tips, I like the pink better it looks better when it grows out.
I LIKE to have my nails done, otherwise I bite them, and they are so thin they just peel right off, but sometimes $40 is a lot of money.

It's this same couple with the ******* kid. Oh, excuse me, foster kid that actually is the responsibility of grandma, but they take all the credit for.. Anyway, besides being a big douche about the cold water challenge thing, we happened to go to the same place as them last week. We went for a walk around 6:30 did our normal walk, all the way down harbor side, all the way down south pier, around Blue Harbor (our water park that sits next to the beach that has it's own path) then up the back side of the pier shops. Stopped at Angler's because I wanted pretzle sticks. So she's telling everyone that I follow her because we ended up there? Seriously? Am I not supposed to go anywhere we normally go because you want to flatter yourself? I don't ever do ANYTHING wrong. Like seriously I just don't. I don't spread rumors about anyone in person. I talk here and to my husband, the way it should be. DH just fixed their vehicle for free (minus what was an emergency and they actually brought it into his work, but that wasn't his choice to charge obviously). The past few weeks that they came over I've bought ALL the food for everyone, I don't know why she has to be so **** negative all the time. I'm tired of trying honestly. So now I just don't say much of anything. Oh, and I posted about our plans on Friday (I want to go here: Neapolitan Pizza | Harry’s Prohibition Bistro | Sheboygan Italian Food and Pizza Restaurant Since DH got 90 hours on his first full paycheck ) so that she was warned ahead of time, and I'm not stalking her lmao.

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