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May 7th, 2014, 10:52 PM
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I'm sorry you are feeling that way. I don't like people commenting on weight one way or the other. I would definitely be offended if someone made that comment to me. Someone the other day said I looked "big" and I was feeling good before that, and it made me feel bad too. My husband made me feel better after, but it's still hard to feel good after having people comment at all, even when they don't mean anything bad.

Try to tell yourself that this is temporary. It will come off after. For me with my first, the weight came off without trying or doing anything (if you give yourself time). The first part came off fast and the very last for me came off when I stopped nursing. Hang in there and try to tell yourself that it is the baby and whatever you gain will come off. It can be a challenge after. I hope you can enjoy this time despite having some days that are harder than others. Is there anything that your husband or a friend can do to help you feel better? Do you have anyone you can talk to? Sometimes getting it out can help or talking to someone that can relate. For me, even going on a walk can help sometimes or if someone tells you that you are beautiful. Hugs to you! (and yes, hormones definitely make things worse! And no sleep if that is harder now too)
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