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May 8th, 2014, 01:57 AM
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Thank you for your kindness, ladies. It really is a big help, even though I haven't been posting. I'm still having trouble coping, but he has taken a turn (however temporary) for the better!

The vet actually put off the biopsy until this morning, because his blood wasn't clotting correctly. He had to get a blood transfusion before the surgery. This morning (and yesterday, before we knew the surgery was off) I was having these horrible flashbacks to getting the phone call at work that my old man cat had metastatic lung cancer. It was literally completely out of the blue. The ONLY symptoms had been a little lost weight and a sometimes low appetite. I even made DH answer the phone when the vet called today.

Anyway, kitty is HOME. Drove four hours to pick him up after the biopsy. We still won't know if there is liver cancer underlying the pancreatitis+hepatitis until the results of the biopsy come back (and there was a "suspicious, nodular looking" spot on the liver, though the vet said it could simply be scar tissue). Trying to avoid thinking about the results coming in. The important thing for now is that he appears to be through the acute episode of pancreatitis, so he isn't believed to be in immediate danger anymore! Still faintly yellow, shaved in three places, probably sore as can be, but ravenous and happy to be home after four days being shuttled around different vets and constantly on IV fluids+syringe feeding.

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Since we left KWT, Naruto has disappeared and that's been hard on all of us. Xoxo
I'm so sorry, Amber. A good friend of mine had a dog go missing just last week when our region was dealing with serious flooding, and it was heartbreaking. We thought for sure she'd somehow managed to fall into the drainage ditch at her house and get washed away. She did end up turning up, just dirty and hungry. Prayers that Naruto does the same! Huge hugs.

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