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May 8th, 2014, 02:43 AM
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Repti, I cracked up laughing at you 'stalking' her. Yeah, okay. That place you are going for dinner looks good, post me a walnut pizza please

I've never had my nails done, but if I did it would be pretty pointless anyway, I can't imagine they would go to well with my job. I bite mine down to nothing, bad habit.

#5, congrats to your parents. My in-laws are coming up to their 50th anniversary towards the end of this year, we're trying to talk them into having a big party.

DFK, rental prices here are horrendous too, nothing goes for less than $1000, and for that cost you are living in a shack, but then our mortgages are equally as horrendous. ****** if you do, ****** if you don't.

Went to the shops with my SIL today, to a place I haven't been in years, they have built this huge 'magic garden' playground inside the shopping centre, free of charge to use. It's amazing, there's big insects to climb on, a tree with a slide coming out of it, puzzles on the walls, just sitting in front of Target, free to use. Her 9 month old had a ball crawling over the 'pebbles'. I wish that was there when mine were younger. I'm kind of jealous on their behalf.
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