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May 8th, 2014, 07:41 AM
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I've never had a prenatal massage, but I've had regular (Swedish, hot stone, deep tissue, etc) massages before. My mom used to be a massage therapist so I was her guinea pig

You don't need to do anything beforehand, but afterwards you should plan to keep it easy (nothing stressful!!) and drink lots of water. What happens when you get massaged is it releases toxins that build up in the muscles, and staying hydrated will flush them out. It is not supposed to hurt afterwards, if it does your therapist did a bad job. You can prevent this by speaking up on the pressure - you should absolutely speak up and say that the pressure is too light, too hard, or just right. A good therapist will ask you how the pressure is - and you may find that you like it deeper in one area, but lighter in another. I love it super deep in my back, but very light on my feet and legs.

A prenatal massage will likely be similar to a Swedish, but you will lie on your back or sides, rather than alternating between back and stomach. They will concentrate on problem areas that many pregnant women experience, like lower back pain, but you can tell him/her what has been an issue for you (if any).

Just relax and enjoy it!! You may become an addict afterwards

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