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May 8th, 2014, 08:23 AM
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Ds2 coming into the picture wasn't so bad once the breastfeeding/pumping struggles had ceased. Once we got into a groove and routine things settled into place.

It was just me until he was 4.5 months because my ex-husband was deployed. Then he deployed again for a year when he was 14 months. And it's been just me and the kids until I re-married in March.

I think this time it will be a smoother transition, hopefully. If I get a take home baby this will make #4. Dd1 will be 10, dd2, 8, and ds2 will turn 5 the day after X-Mas. My older two aren't really involved in extracurricular activities. They're not into sports. Whatever extracurricular activities they do participate in is right after school and during a 6-8 weeks period (art classes).

Since mine are older they will make for great helpers.
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