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May 8th, 2014, 10:20 AM
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i have always been a thin girl, but i have always also been super conscious of my weight because i watched my mother struggle with hers my whole life. so when the pregnancy weight came with my first pregnancy, i didnt know how to handle it.

one day, when i was maybe four months along, i was getting into the car, and i heard a literal popping noise. i got out and saw that, yeah, my fat pregnant butt popped a tire. are you kidding me!?!

i was inconsolable. ...of course, we found out that there was a screw in the tire which is what actually popped it, but that did not matter at all. timing is everything, and that thing popped when butt touched seat.

pregnant ladies have bad days! i eventually accepted that this specific weight gain *had to happen*, and decided to take a page from ru paul: "got a big butt? throw glitter on it!"

so i did!

i started spending more time styling my hair and putting on makeup... doing my nails... wearing high heels with maternity clothes! just simple things to make myself feel pretty and awesome. i even went to a party at seven months pregnant where i wore a crazy, short, blue sequined dress over my giant bump, and i felt like a fabulous blue disco ball.

werk! lol

heres the thing... as big as i got (and i gained over 50lbs!)- the weight went away. all of it! pretty quickly, too. (yay breastfeeding!)

and? i had an awesome little dude as an adorable trophy to keep forever, for enduring the gross-ness. ...hes totally worth it.
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