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May 8th, 2014, 11:03 AM
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I hope all this has reassured you. Past history does complicate things, it's hard enough to deal with the changes without what you've previously been through. I had some minor issues in HS as well, but nothing too too serious.

In my experience, I was in better shape after my children... kidding you not. I ate better.. was a lot more active.. I felt great.. but it was a process to get there. Some women do have more permanent changes.. some don't.. try and understand a lot decides that. Gaining on the lower end.. good genetics.. etc will probably ensure you look the same or better after this pregnancy. Try and stay positive even though easier said than done sometimes.. keep venting/talking on here.. everyone here is very supportive and talking through it might be really helpful. Day to day focus on other things.. getting ready for baby.. nesting.. pampering yourself.. be kind to yourself.. all possible to do after they are here.. but a little more challenging

Lots of hugs.. it's tough not to really have control of our bodies right now.
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