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May 9th, 2014, 09:15 AM
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Posts: 250 before I found out I was pregnant I became really hungry and just started PIGGING OUT on EVERYTHING!

When I found I'm pregnant, I started paying attention to WHAT I was hungry for. in the very beginning I wanted TONS of OJ...could drink it by the 1/2 gal a day. lol And I was loving milk and anything with chicken in it.

Then I went through this Mexican food kick. I wanted chicken quesadillas every day and I wanted chips and salsa and just anything Mexican really and was in love with spicy food.

Then I craved potatoes and chicken.

NOW...(7 wks tomorrow) the thought of eating Mexican food makes me queasy. The thought of greasy food makes me queasy and the thought of spicy food scares me. I've been real gassy and now morning sickness is hella kicking in. Not really wanting to drink anything besides ice cold water, ginger ale or sprite. Ugh!

Now it's pasta...any kind of pasta really.

So, what exactly is it that I'm lacking? Cause it means I need something, right? So, what is it?

Ok...that's me!
Now tell me about YOUR cravings!
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