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May 9th, 2014, 09:35 AM
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Most of the time I crave what I think will not make me feel sick. lol So it's not that I am craving that specific thing, it's just the one thing that sounds ok to my sensitive belly.

Here are some things I've been eating...

Bread (but crackers sound gross)
Grilled chicken sandwich (Steak 'N Shake lol)
Mixed nuts (but only the cashews, almonds and pecans lol)
Pickles (dill or sweet depending on my mood)
Potatoes (mashed, baked, fries, chips...doesn't matter)

Also...the smell of food cooking has been making me feel yucky. The thought of eating out (every meal!) sounds very good right now. I think I could eat almost anything if I didn't have to cook it. Too bad our checkbook doesn't agree with me. lol
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