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May 9th, 2014, 12:36 PM
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Well... Yesterday morning, I decided to take a test, and there was a faint, faint line. I couldn't believe it. So then I tested again later and a much clearer (but still faint) line showed up! Tested twice more yesterday (I know, I have a problem lol) and there were still lines, but very faint again. This morning, line is still faint, I was hoping for a little darker. I'll test again in a few days. I'm just so excited and hopeful that this might be the real deal!! My period is due on Monday, so if I can get past then, I'll be feeling good. I'll test again either Sunday or Monday with a FRER if my temps stay high.

As far as symptoms: Nothing crazy. Boobs are KILLING me. They weren't hurting when I woke up this morning, which freaked me out, but they've been getting more and more painful as the day has progressed, so that's reassuring. I've been super thirsty. I am not normally a big water drinker, (I want to be, but I'm not) and today I've already drank two big glasses of ice water, and just thinking about water is making me thirsty again! Cramps.. not sure if this is good or bad, but I think it's fairly normal, as long as there isn't any bleeding along with them. I've been getting super tired in the evenings around 7, just absolutely exhausted, but then when I go to bed I can't sleep, so that's been frustrating.

Anyway, I'm very anxious and stressed about it, because I want this to be the real deal so bad, but I'm also excited and enjoying it. After 20 months of nothing, I finally get a second line Now it's just waiting to see what happens!
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