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May 10th, 2014, 01:10 AM
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So confused. So AF was due Friday, May 9, and is basically always on time but hasn't shown. I know DH and I BDed right around Ovulation time because of EWCM. I feel like I could be pregnant because I am having a few unusual symptoms that I can't make up in my head. I have been constipated which is really unusual for me (sorry if TMI), and super thirsty. Also, have had sore breasts since Monday, getting increasingly more tender as the days go on. I have been getting BFN's since 9 DPO, so I figured AF would show, but still nothing. I had been using Internet cheapies until yesterday when I used FRER and all were negative. Is it possible that I could still get a BFP with a BFN at 14 dpo? I'm guessing I'm just stressing which is delaying AF, but of course still hoping for a BFP!Thanks!
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