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May 10th, 2014, 07:25 PM
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I'm just trying to figure out exactly when conception was and I'm having a hard time. I was hoping some of you charting gals can help It's not a huge huge deal, I'm sure I'll find more out at the ultrasound on Friday, but since we got pregnant after a vasectomy, I just am kind of lost here on when conception/ovulation occurred. Here's the info:

29 day cycle (sometimes this varies, BUT it's been EXACTLY 29 days since January). first day of last period 3/16. DTD on 3/29, BUT we used the last little bit of foam as back up birth control. The next evening (30th), I had excruciating (and when I say I could barely walk for about an hour. Had the pain of been on the other side, I probably would have been in the ER thinking it was appendicitis or something! Definitely the most severe pain I've ever felt with ovulation. Looking back now, it looks like ovulation was supposed to occur on the 31st.
So here's my question with this: With ovulation pain, does ovulation normally occur the day after? Or could I have ovulated a day early on the 30th when the pain was happening?

Then we ALSO DTD April 2nd. This time, no back up, as we were out of the foam, hubby was 8 weeks post vasectomy AND it was more than 48 hours after ovulation since we were due to ovulate on the 31st.

What seems more likely to you? Conception on the 2nd (post ovulation) or conception on the 29th (pre ovulation, but also used back up bc). I'm so confused!! Ordinarily I'd say that conception must have occurred on the 2nd and I just ovulated late, BUT I had that severe ovulation pain on the 30th and it just seems unlikely that ovulation would have occurred so much later than that happening? What do you guys think?

Oh and just a side note too, I know the pain was associated with ovulation. I usually DO have painful ovulations, but this one was more severe for some reason. So I know that the pain was from ovulation, I'm just not sure how long before/after that pain you actually ovulate...or if it's happening during ovulation.

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