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May 11th, 2014, 07:10 PM
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Thanks girls!!! My gut tells me conception must have coincided with the ovulation pain too...I'm thankful for your input! I also forgot to mention that I actually got my first BFP on April 9th. So if we would have conceived with the April 2nd DTD, then that would have put me testing positive at just 7/8 DPO, which I think is also pretty unlikely. I felt "off" (emotional) and just had the POAS urge. I had some extra cheapie tests from my DD and took one just to "confirm it was". It was a squinter, but def BFP. So had we of conceived with the April 2nd DTD, that would have been 7/8 DPO....OR if we conceived around March 30th, that would have been 9/10 DPO, which seems more likely....right?

haha Charlajoy!! You could be having twins!

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